Reproductive Services.

Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital has a reproductive lab to help maximise breeding success. We are experienced in interpreting your dog’s cycle, ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, artificial insemination including surgical implants, and handling bitches and their puppies pre- & post whelp.

Timing is crucial & is generally the biggest factor in a successful mating. Two methods are used to determine the optimal mating time:

  1. blood progesterone levels – sampling prior to ovulation is the most accurate thus it is best to test blood progresterone in the early to middle sections of the heat. Results return within 90 minutes. It is important NOT to mix results from a miniVidas machine and an Immulite machine as the parameter ranges are very different.
  2. vaginal cytology – the cells lining the vagina can approximate early heat, oestrus or post oestrus.

Days in season, vulval discharge colour, vulval size and male interest are helpful indicators but not accurate.

The best times for pregnancy diagnosis are:

  1. Ultrasound: 4 weeks post breeding
  2. Xray: 7-9 weeks post breeding.

What is the sucess rate of breeding? 

Surgical implants are 85-90% successful with a combination of perfect timing and good quality semen. Natural inseminations and artificial inseminations are 65% successful after one breeding, 82% sucessful after 2 breedings 48hrs apart & 92% successful after 3 breedings.

  1. Difficult whelpings – Read more>>
  2. Elective caesarians – single pup litters, expensive litters, the bitch had a previous difficult whelping, and breeds that have difficulty whelping naturally eg English Bulldogs.

Daily progesterone blood levels combined with a physical examination help determine the timing of the caesarean thus success of puppy survival.

Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital has a semen storage facility. We use liquid nitrogen tanks that are primed weekly and not subject to any power failures. We use the Camelot pellet system to preserve semen which has an excellent proven record re thaw rates and fertility.