Chemotherapy means therapy with medication. The term is generally used in association with the treatment of malignant tumours or cancer. Such drugs provide palliative care or “end of life” care in most instances but it can be a cure when used as an adjunct to Surgery or Radiotherapy. The most common types of tumours warranting such therapy are lymphoma, mast cell tumour, osteosarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma.

We all have images of humans experiencing chemotherapy. Veterinarians administer the same medications but the doses are lower. Our aim is return and extend quality of life. The reduced dose rates minimise side-effects and < 20% of our patients will be hospitalised due to associated adverse events. Doses and protocols are adjusted if nausea occurs. Some breeds that have all their hairs at the same part of the growth cycle eg, Old English Sheep Dogs, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus, can experience hair loss.

Our veterinarians are happy to discuss the varying protocols with you if your pet has been diagnosed with a tumour. We will be able to provide details such as expected average disease-free period, survival time, expense and scheduling.

We are able to access a Veterinary Oncologist to obtain the best possible treatment for your animal