Ophthalmic surgery is the specific area of pet care involving treatment of an animal’s eyes. Many eye conditions can be treated medically, however, specific conditions may require surgery.

Michael Sames completed his Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology at the Royal College of Veterinary Scientists, London. He uses the latest ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical equipment to service to first and second opinion cases.

Our practice is fully equipped to offer the following eye surgeries:

  • Enucleation (removal) of the eye due to severe injury, glaucoma or cancer cases
  • Entropion surgery to prevent ocular damage from inward pointing eye lashes/eyelids
  • Ectropion surgery to correct outward facing lower eyelids
  • Eyelid tumour removal
  • Cherry eye surgery to correct a protruding third eyelid gland in dogs
  • Correction of tear stain problems
  • Surgery to repair corneal ulcers (ulcers on the eye surface)
  • Replacement of a prolapsed eye
  • Shortening of over-protruding third eyelids
  • Superficial Keratectomy (removal of the surface of the cornea)
  • Cryopepilation (liquid nitrogen probes removes hairs from the margin of the eyelid or the eyelid itself)
  • Opening of narrow or even closed tear ducts
  • Removal of iridal cysts

Our veterinarians can also refer your pet to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist for specialised procedures such as lens removal, electroretinograms (ERG) or cataract surgery.