This is a reproduction of a recent article printed in the April 2013 edition of the Australian Handyman magazine.

Pet Health Care

The recent rain and humidity has seen our lawns and gardens flourish. However nothing is more frustrating than bare patches caused by our pet dog’s urine. It is a perennial problem with many suggestions but few solutions.

The problem is due to the acid in the dog urine discolouring and killing the grass. Here are a few ways to keep the grass green:

  • apply lime regularly to the lawn to neutralise the acid in the soil and restore the balance that grass prefers
  • add tomato juice by the tablespoon full to your dog’s food each day to help neutralise urine
  • water the lawn thoroughly each week to dilute urine
  • similarly, adding water to dry food, giving preference to tin foods over dry food and providing fresh cool water daily increases your dog’s water intake and dilutes the urine.

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