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Ophthalmology involves the study and diagnosis of diseases of the eye. Evidence of a problem may be suggested by ocular discharge, squinting, "red eye", "blue eye", swelling of the eye or vision loss.


Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital has a wide range of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment. This includes direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, slit-lamp biomicroscopy, schiotz tonometry, ultrasound, doppler blood pressure monitor, schirmer tear tests and fluorescein. Such equipment is vital in identifying the cause. It may be directly affecting the eye (eg, trauma, poor eyelid anatomy, lack of tears, infection, genetic, tumour) or the eyes reflect disease elsewhere in the body (eg, cancer, hypertension, infection). The ultimate goal is to return comfort and prevent loss of sight, or worse, an eye.




We proudly support our diagnostic service with a surgical service consisting of fine ophthalmic instruments and three grades of ocular magnification. Our Certificate holder has an active interest in eyelid anatomy.

​Some of the complicated eye conditions we correct are:


 distichiae (lashes on eyelid margin)                 ectopic cilia (lashes under the eyelid)                          conjunctival dermoid

Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialists only perform cataract surgery and removal of dislocated lenses. We work in conjunction with the specialist centres by identifying patients afflicted with these conditions, measure their suitablility, and explain costs and complications.


Please phone for an appointment or call into the hospital with your pet to resolve an ocular problem.



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