Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is an emotional event. Euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions that you as an owner will face.

Our veterinarians will assess your pet especially in regards of the ability to move comfortably, eat, drink, urinate and defaecate. This will allow a rational assessment of quality of life.

Our team will make every effort to make an emotional day as peaceful and comfortable as possible for you. Questions we ask are:

  • would you like to be present when we administer the injection ? Your pet is at peace within 30-60 seconds of starting the injection.
  • do you wish to take your pet home for burial, let us look after your pet for you, or arrange for your pet to be cremated and have the ashes returned in a vessel of your choice (we use Pets at Peace services)

A wonderful organisation on the internet via the USA is The Asociation of Pet Loss and Bereavement. They offer a wonderful array of resources to help people to come to terms with euthanasia. There is even a quality of life scale.

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