A serious highly contagious feline viral outbreak has occurred in 4 major animal facilitiies in NSW. These include Blacktown Pound, RSPCA facilities in Yagoona and Gunnedah, and the Animal Welfare League at Kemps Creek. The feline virus is Panleukopenia Virus or Feline Parvovirus. It is spread by contact with faeces, urine or blood from infected cats. Signs can range from acute death to anorexia, lethargy and fever progressing to vomiting and diarrhoea. The important news is that this disease is preventable. Highly efficient vaccines have made it a rare disease in the past 20 years.

Professor Vanessa Barrs from the University of Sydney in The Sunday Telegraph 4th September 2017 predicted another Panleukopenia virus epidemic in Sydney for the 2017-2018 Summer.

If your cat has not been vaccinated in the past 12 months, visit Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible to update their protection. We can see you as a walk-in or phone 9626 9561 to make an appointment.

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