High blood pressure (Hypertension) is an extremely important condition in humans. Our dogs and cats, especially when older, can similarly suffer from this disease.

High blood pressure is insidious in nature and is often only identified after suffering a stroke or retinal detachment. The most common cause is Kidney Failure. Other causes include Hyperthyroidism, Cushings Disease and Diabetes Mellitus.

Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital is able to measure blood pressure via two methods. Both use a cuff like for humans. The first method (gold standard) is Doppler utilising a small ultrasound probe and the second is Oscillometric which is computer generated. These diagnostic aids are also used in our anaesthetics to safe guard against low blood pressure.

We encourage screening tests for animals eight years and older, and especially, if suffering from any of the conditions listed above.

General Vet Services for Pets

Please phone for an appointment or visit us to check your pet’s blood pressure.

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