An itching dog is a common problem. Hills Prescription Diet Derm Defense can help improve the quality of life for dogs with environmental skin allergies (ie, Atopy). Skin allergy causes inflammation and itchiness leading to repeated skin damage. It can be a lifelong problem.

Derm Defense

Supports Skin Health From Within

  • high-quality, highly digestible protein to support health of epidermis and hair
  • essential fatty acids provide cell structure and support natural process of epithelial proliferation
  • antioxidants decrease oxidative stress
  • vitamins and minerals to promote skin health

Helps Restore the Skin Barrier

  • linoleic acid helps maintain the skin barrier and control transepidermal water loss and coat gloss
  • alpha-linolenic acid for maintenance of the skin barrier
  • zinc and linoleic acid have a synergistic effect on transepidermal water loss and coat gloss

Helps Break the Cycle of Inflammation

  • omega-3 fatty acids attenuate proinflammatory eicosanoid production in cell membranes
  • antioxidants combat reactive oxygen species
  • polyphenols bind allergens, inhibit cytokine and IgE production, and inhibit degranulation and histamine release by mast cells
  • egg has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Helps Support a Healthy Immune System

  • carotenoids and vitamin A help regulate the immune response
  • antioxidants combat free radical suppression of the immune response
  • zinc modulates the immune response
Derm Defense Recommendations

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