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Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia. It offers you peace of mind as it covers some or all of the treatment costs if your pet was ever involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness. The choice of companies and policies has improved markedly over the past 3 years thus offering better value.


There is no equivalent of Medicare for pets, thus often treatment costs exceed what an equivalent problem would cost for a human patient. Did you know that 24 hr emergency care for animals can cost over $1000 per day? Some surgical procedures such as repair of fractured bones or an exploratory surgery can add up to thousands of dollars and that does not even include the recovery and aftercare treatment. It is a heartbreaking situation having to choose between the health of your pet and financial constraints, so for peace of mind we strongly recommend that your pet is insured.

Important aspects that vary between companies and their policies:

  • Cover options: accident only, accident & illness, and comprehensive accident, illness and routine care
  • coverage limited to one year or all-of-life
  • any exclusion of genetic diseases, eg hip dysplasia, no matter the patient's age of starting the policy
  • level of excess per condition
  • is there any or limited cover for tick paralysis?
  • premium charged
  • higher charges for particular breeds
  • maximum age to start insurance cover
  • annual claim limits
  • multiple policy discounts
  • pre-existing illness exclusions
  • cover for prescription food or nutraceuticals
  • dentistry including dental trauma from a car accident


There are several companies that offer pet insurance and we can help you find one that best suits your needs and your pet.


Websites offering comparisons are:





Examples of Insurance Policies in Australia











It is worthwhile checking your Private Health Insurance and Home & Contents Insurance Policies as the same companies may offer Pet Insurance thus enabling a multi-policy discount. Such companies include Medibank Private, HCF, Real Insurance and Allianz.


We highly recommend pet insurance and encourage you to discuss it with us at your next visit. Getting a policy for a young pet helps avoid exclusions for pre-existing conditions.


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