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Choosing a Puppy or Kitten

Choosing a puppy or kitten is an exciting and very important commitment for your family. It provides a fantastic opportunity for children to learn care, nuturing and responsibility. Many factors need to be considered, including size of your yard, height of fencing, time available for exercise, if you have children and future activities such as dog shows, agility or "fly ball". Fortunately there are a number of websites that have "Dog and Cat Breed Selectors". They provide the ability to enter a number of facets of your lifestyle and will produce a list of suitable breeds.


The following is a list of such websites:


A new website produced by the University of Sydney is LIDA or the Listing of Inherited Disorders in Australia. It is designed to make the task of choosing a pet easier and to enable potential dog & cat owners to understand the problems different breeds face. It is very extensive and lists every condition associated with each breed. We advise you to print the list of problems linked to the breed of interest and bring it to the veterinary surgery to discuss their prevalence and importance. The website is www.sydney.edu.au/vetscience/lida.


Another fantastic website produced by a reputable veterinary company containing current information on many facets of pet ownership is



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